Some kind of sandwich?

No idea, it started from a flame I did a while ago, that just looked smooth when rendered. Played with a few settings, and this kind of weird shape turned out. I’ve no idea what to call it, reminded me of an ice cream sandwich (maybe?).…

Texture Mapping Tutorial Resource Files

By Jesus Sosa

These are the files to go along with Jesus’ Tutorial found here.

Extract them where you can find them! there’s two folders inside which you’ll need. Also included is a PDF from which the tutorial was based.


Texture Mapping in JWildfire -Exercise 1

Tutorial by Jesus Sosa

Download the folders to go with this tutorial here, and extract them onto your computer.

This little tutorial will let you know how to put a raster image to a 3D object as a texture in JavaWildfire You can use this technique with any variation that build a 3D object, by example a obj_mesh_primitive_wf, obj_mesh_wf ,lsystem3D, knots3D, seashell3D, parplot2D_wf, yplot2d_wf, yplot3d_wf, dla3d_wf, sattractor3D, square3D, sphirograph3D, supershape3D, terrain3D.…

3D without 3D

ws 3dwithout3d

Interests me how you can get something looking 3D without the 3D setup, case in point this image. I guess it’s the 3D blur that does the hard work. I’m handing it over, so you can create lots of interesting shapes with this, the only rule is, you can’t change variations or colours, just what’s there.…