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If you’re absolutely new to JWildfire, or haven’t really tried altering (tweaking) someone elses flame, here’s a bare bones guide on how to do this. Nothing technical, just what to click and what to play with.

Copy the flame

First thing you’ll need to do is copy your flame ready to use in JWildfire, so if you can see it on a post somewhere, just highlight it with your mouse and then right click and choose copy. Or if it’s been posted to Pastebin do the same (I prefer to scroll down the page to get the RAW code)

Wherever it’s from, you’ll need to find the start of the flame, which begins <flame as shown here.

Drag and highlight all the way down to where the flame ends which is </flame> as shown here…

Once you’ve highlighted all the flame code then…

Paste it into JWildfire

Then you’ll need to go to JWildfire, and hit the From Clipboard button.

Choose your transform

Then you should see the flame operators on the right hand side labelled Transf1, Transf2 etc pick one to play with, we’re going to use the Atan one, but it can be any.

Playing with the numbers!

Now we need to play with its settings, so if they’re not showing click the down arrow as shown in the picture. Play to your hearts content, no need to understand what you’re doing at first. Just keep watching your fractal to see how it changes.

Moving your transforms

Also you can take the transforms, and move them around, rotate them, scale them etc to make more differences to the flame. Click on the transform name, or the triangle and then click on one of the buttons like rotate, or scale then click and hold your mouse button and move the mouse and you’ll see the triangle get smaller, or turn around etc.

This is the absolute basics, you can do much much more than this, you can change any variation to another for example, but for beginners try these steps first.

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