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Our Facebook group has been running for some time now, and we have an amazing collection of members with all kinds of interests and specialties. Aside from sharing our art daily, we also have tutorials, resources, tons of flames and a great sense of community.

Joining The Group

You are more than welcome to join our group, but you need to answer the three questions before you join (just a bit more information about yourself) and please when answering the questions, mention your username here (if you’re a member) , so we know who you are. This is a group for getting involved with, so please only request to be a member if you plan on sharing your images, or your thoughts.

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To keep things more organised we continually organise our posts into units, so you find what you’re looking for more easily. You can optionally go through these units and accumulate a score with congratulations once you’ve completed a unit. It all helps to better understand the facilities on offer.


Finally there’s an announcements section, where we post news about new downloads, new flame games and any other information you might want to keep up to date on like new releases of the software for example.

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