Metallic Gradients Pack

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Metallic Gradients Pack

These gradients were created to help you give that marvellous metallic sheen to your JWF fractals, whether you’ve created a spaceship or a kitchen sink. Having said that, these gradients will work for other images too where a metallic sheen isn’t needed… so give them a try!

Unfortunately, only certain types of fractals will mimic that desirable metallic shine …. filmy, ethereal images just can’t pull it off, no matter what gradients you use. Here are a few tips to help your fractals rock that metallic look.

  1. Get to know JWF’s COLORING tab and the GRADIENT tab… this is where the metallic magic will happen! Metals usually shine, so brighten up your image using the BRIGHTNESS slider. Increasing CONTRAST also helps to brighten up an image as does increasing the GAMMA THRESHOLD. Decreasing GAMMA also can help add shine. Play around with these until you get the best look.
  2. Usually, using the DISTANCE colouring option, preferably a final or on a heavily weighted transform, will help immensely. Depending on the gradient you are using, you may have to slide the DISTANCE slider very far to the left before things start looking good. If that doesn’t work, try the CYCLIC colouring option next.
  3. Modifying the gradient can also be beneficial. You can do this under the GRADIENT tab. I use the MODIFY GRADIENT quite a bit when trying to get that metallic look. Click on MODIFY GRADIENT and you’ll see several options. If using the DISTANCE colouring option, using the BLUR tab is often necessary to remove stripes, however the more blur you add, the less vibrant the image will be. Sometimes it also helps to change the gradient’s FREQUENCY and/or click on the REVERSE button. Again, play around and see what happens!
    I hope these gradients help to bring some magical metallic tones to your fractals!

Nancy Pierce

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