Half Blurs

Variations that generate specific shapes using polar coordinates. Unlike normal blurs, which ignore the input point, half blurs take the angle of the input point (theta) and compute a random distance (rho) within the shape. This allows some flexibility in coloring. They can be substituted for normal blurs in many flames; if it doesn’t work, try adding some pre_blur to the transform to generate random angles (this is done for the examples here).


Shape resembling a cannabis leaf.

Type: 2D half blur
Author: Andreas Maschke (thargor6)
Date: 15 Jan 2012

Half Blurs Group Variation cannabiscurve
filled0 for an outline, 1 to fill in the shape



Shape resembling a four leaf clover.

Type: 2D half blur
Author: Andreas Maschke (thargor6)
Date: 15 Jan 2012

Half Blurs Group Variation cloverleaf
filled0 for an outline, 1 to fill in the shape

conic / conic2

Conic section shape (ellipse, parabola, or hyperbola)

Type: 2D half bluf
Author: cyberxaos
Date: 28 Jan 2007

Half Blurs Group Variation conic
Half Blurs Group Variation conic 2

Note that there is a different variation named “conic” which different from this one. This is probably why the Apophysis plugin is named conic2 (the variation is named “conic” in Apophysis versions where is it built-in, as well as JWildfire). There is also a variation named “Z_conic” which is the same as this one.

eccentricityDetermines the conic section type: 1 for a parabola, less for an ellipse, more for a hyperbola.
holesSet to 0.5 to generate two shapes, the main one on the left and one turned 180° on the right (a hyperbola naturally includes both). Set to 0 or 1 to show only the left or right shape. Go past 0 or 1 to create a hole.





General shape generator using the superformula.

Type: 2D half blur
Author: cyberxaos
Date: 18 Feb 2007

Half Blurs Group Variation shape
Half Blurs Group Variation shape 2

The shape variation was later incorporated into the super_shape variation using the rnd parameter.

mNumber of corners
n1, n2, n3Shaping variables
a, bStretch or contract the shape
holesPuts a hole in the center if less than 0. (Although the default is 1, it works best to use 0 for no hole and a negative value to add a hole.)




This information has all been created by Rick Sidwell as a guide to the more popular variations used in fractal flames, and very generously allowed me to reproduce it here. Not all of the variations are included with JWildfire, but a great many are, so it is worthwhile learning about them.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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