Princeton Object Files

The Princeton Shape Object Shape repository

Collection of OBJ file which can be imported into JWildfire.

The Princeton Shape Benchmark provides a repository of 3D models and software tools for evaluating shape-based retrieval and analysis algorithms. The motivation is to promote the use of standardized data sets and evaluation methods for research in matching, classification, clustering, and recognition of 3D models. Researchers are encouraged to use these resources to produce comparisons of competing algorithms in future publications.

There are two downloads (both external) one is a zip file containing several folders, inside each folder is an obj file a thumbnail and an info file. The other download is a PDF with thumbnails of the obj files for easy reference. These files were originally in a .OFF format, but I've converted them all to .OBJ.

These are not for commercial use, and full details can be found at the Princeton Site

Download Link Here

Download Summary

Sample image

Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this

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