The Best fractal software for amazing art.

Fractals are beautiful and can be used to generate stunning designs for websites and art. However, designing with fractals can be a daunting task. That’s where a fractal generator comes in! These tools allow you to create stunning fractals in minutes, without any artistic experience. We’ve put together a list of the best fractal art generators available. Some are used as a software application, others you can create online.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fractalist, there’s a fractal generator out there that’s perfect for you. Give one of these tools a try and see for yourself how easy it is to create stunning designs with fractals. Obviously, we’re biased with JWildfire which creates fractal flames, but you can use many, and no doubt find the strengths and weaknesses of each. Your generated images can then be used as is or loaded into another software application like Photoshop to enhance or manipulate your fractal designs.

Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D)

With the Mandelbub application, you can create stunning 3D fractals with ease. The app features a variety of effects, like shadow and glow, along with color and depth of field. Plus, the specularity effect allows for a level of realism never before seen in 3D fractals. Whether you’re looking to create something new or just want to explore the possibilities, Mandelbulb has your fractal art covered!

Chaos Pro

ChaosPro is an extraordinary program that lets you create animations based upon every fractal parameter in ChaosPro, in every combination.You provide  a list of key frames, and ChaosPro will create the animation for you automatically. The animation will be seamless and look great on any device! The key frames may differ in any parameter which can be changed in a continuous manner, like the corners, the iteration value, the rotation angle, the parameter, the bailout value, the coloring paramaters, the palette and many others. 


If you’re looking for a powerful fractal flames creation tool, look no further than Apophysis. This software is designed specifically for Windows and is easy to use, making it great for beginners. Plus, Apophysis comes with a wealth of features to help you create the most spectacular flames possible. With Apophysis, you can create intricate fractals that look like burning flames – perfect for any creative project!

Visions of Chaos

It creates amazing high resolution generative art including animations, orbit traps, and 3D modeling, for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows devices. It has so many things to try that will keep you occupied indefinitely. Shadow toys are amazing to render and experiment with.

Fractal Fr0st

Fractal Fr0st is a powerful open source free fractal generator that allows you to easily view and edit fractals during rendering. It comes with an elegant and easy-to-use GUI, as well as powerful python scripting support. Fractal Fr0st is built on top of the popular flam3 engine, but also supports alternate renderers, such as flam4 for GPU rendering.

Fractal Forge

Fractal Forge is a fractal generating program that is easy to use and fast. You can use it to create your own fractal images, or explore the branches of Mandelbrot Set.

Science Vs Magic

With Science vs Magic fractal software, you can generate a range of mesmerizing base-motif fractals from 5 different inputs using its interactive designer. Whether you’re looking for a calming blue gradient or an unpredictable chaotic swirl, this online generator will have your creative juices flowing.


Chaotica is a stunning fractal flames application that’s perfect for beginners and professionals alike. You can create beautiful HD wallpapers and animations with ease, while the fast rendering engine makes producing high quality images easy. Plus, real-time imaging controls make creating prints a breeze!


Unlike other fractal generators that require a lot of initial setup, Incendia is very simple to use. First, you create an attractor by entering the equations that describe the shape of the fractal. Then, Incendia will accumulate the 3D iterations of this equation using the Chaos Game. Finally, it will render the fractal according to your chosen Base Shape.


These are just a small set of generators to try, and the list will be updated. But you’re never going to be short of wonderful software to create your unique fractal designs.

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