Facebook 3D posts with Filter Forge or others.

Pretty big assumption that you have Filter Forge installed and the Make 3D filter installed to it. There are other ways to make bump maps, including from within JWildfire. This mini tutorial is just for Filter Forge users only. If you haven’t got Filter Forge, you could try Crazy Bump software (free trial) or for free, an online converter which will give the ability to create bump maps, then you’d follow from step 9 onwards.

Adding 3D post with Filter Forge

  1. Load Filter Forge

    Or you can call it from Photoshop as a plugin.

  2. Load your image into Filter Forge

    Use the file menu to load image into Filter Forge

    FF tutorial 1 open image

  3. Locate the Make 3D filter

    If you haven't got the filter installed download and install from here.

    FF tutorial 2 Find Make3D

  4. Set Preview size to Actual

    Optional step, but for me it makes the images render slightly more quickly.

    FF tutorial 3 Preview Actual

  5. Click Final

    Once the filter is loaded, don't touch any settings, just wait for the progress bar of the render, then click where it says Final. Wait until the progress bar completes the render.

    FF tutorial 4Click Final

  6. Saving the final

    Click “save as” on the right hand side to save the final image. Make sure you remember where it is and what you called it !

    FF tutorial 5 Save image as

  7. Click Bump

    Over to the left again, we click where it says “Bump” note that your image will be replaced by ones with various shades of grey.

    FF tutorial 6 Click Bump

  8. Save bump file

    So, now we're going to go to the right again, and save as. This time we're going to use the same name as we gave our normal (final) image and add _depth to the end of the filename. So if you called your original (final) picture testblue.jpg , then your bump file should be called testblue_depth.jpg . Save the bump file in the same location as your first.

    FF tutorial 7a Save Bump

  9. Facebook adding photos

    Now that you have both files, go to Facebook and start a new post. Click the Add photos button.

    FF tutorial 8 FB add photos

  10. Find and select both photos

    For this to work , both photos must be selected together. So click one and hold CTRL key down and click the other. You should have both the original image and the _depth image selected. You can't load one then the other, both must be selected, then click open.

    FF tutorial 9 Open Both in FB

  11. Facebook creates the 3D post

    All going well, after a small wait, Facebook will display that it is making a 3D post. Wait until it's done then view the result. Sometimes they look great, other times they don't. Just try and see. Once you're happy, then just make your post as you would do normally.

    FF tutorial 10 FB creates 3D post

  • Filter Forge
  • Make 3D filter
  • JWildfire image

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