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Time Needed : 5 minutes

This is a  new way for you to contribute to our massive download section and, by extension, the fractal community. Below is a form (please wait for it to load) that will allow you to fill out some basic information and attach files. If the files are suitable, they will be added to our download section or, if necessary, elsewhere.

  1. Send the package

    Create a zip file which includes a text file description of your submission, plus a sample picture, and the item itself (script/flamepack/gradient etc) so that it’s all together in one zip. Or…

  2. Send the files

    You can just add your item, a sample picture, and type the description into the message box. If you can, please make your description a few sentences long. “my latest flame” doesn’t really tell people much. Give us a bit of background, or what you like about it, or how it can be tweaked, or something along those lines. The longer the description the better.

  3. We’re using Upbox to receive the files

    So please visit to send us your resources.

  • Zip Software
  • Archive like a zip file, or files.

Please remember to include an image to go with your item, as well as the description.

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