How to create your own fractal SVG files

Understanding and Creating SVG tutorial

By Robert Keen

Time Needed : 45 minutes

How to create your own fractal SVG files to be used in the SVG.variation.

  1. Getting to know the svg_wf and its variable

    Start by selecting the nonlinear tab under the Transformations tab. Add Linear 3d u0026 change to svg_wf from the drop down box. Click the green flag and that gives you sliders to stretch and scale the svg. You can also control the color and resolution as it is stretched. This is important to know as the graphic gets stretched. (Note – SVG stands for scalable vector graphic and can be scaled with out loss of quality)

  2. Color Tab

    Click on color tab, Zoom to 5, you want your svg fairly small

    Click on color tab

  3. Step 2 – How to Create a image transparent flame render

    To start – Click New from scratch to start a new flame. We will keep it simple

  4. Add Transforms

    Add transform 1 and leave as linear 3d, Add transform 2 var 1 and change to pie 3d, add variation 2 dc_bubble to give it stripes

  5. Scale

    Scale Pie 3d u0026 dc bubble to your liking. I keep my flames small for svg creation.

  6. Render

    Do a quick render

  7. Gradient

    Select a gradient choice

    Select Gradient

  8. Step 3 – How to Create a image transparent flame render_ setting resolution

    Change your resolution to 300×300 and a quality of about 400 or your preference

  9. Camera Tab

    Select the camera tab and zoom to 1.25 u0026 pix’s per unit to 120. This fractal needs to be close to all 4 sides.

    Camera Tab

  10. How to Create a image transparent flame render _ setting the transparency

    To start – Select the Color Tab at the bottom_ Circled

  11. Background Tansparency

    Start by clicking a check mark into the back ground transparency. This eliminates the black from being read during conversion to svg. (Note – Make sure you unchecked it when done or all your flames will be transparent!)

  12. Render

    Click RENDER to render a transparent PNG file and save to a *folder of your choice. See step 10 for options and links

  13. Convert to SVG

    Using a online png to svg converter

    render image

  14. Converting

    Using a online png to svg converter

    Go to Convert to SVG – Convert all kinds of images to SVG (

  15. Choose your png transparency file to upload

  16. Make sure target format is set to SVG

  17. Image size for this one was set to 200 x 200

  18. Click convert file

    Click convert file and result will show in the output file: Click on output file and webpage image will pop up. Right mouse click resulting image and save to a folder of your choice.

    Convert to SVG

  19. Importing your SVG file

    Add svg_wf for transform 1 = default Pink Lizard

    add transform

  20. Set zoom to 10

  21. Choosing your SVG

    Click on Gear and navigation dialog box opens. Navigate to where your SVG file is located.

  22. Load SVG

    Select your svg file to load into the svg_wf transform and click open. It will replace the Pink Lizard with your svg file that you select or the one you created from the conversion.
    Load SVG
    That's it !

  23. Image Result u0026 Render

    Your image now switches to the new SVG file and should be rendered for future use, I have included fractal SVG file’s that I created and will indicate JWF as part of the file name. All others are from free svg web sites.

    Example SVG Loaded

  24. Examples of svg use


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