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Luminance HDR 2.0.1 Conversion Video

I’ve made 5 and a half minute video on the steps for converting a Jwildfire HDR render into an 8 bit image you can view on your screen. I’ll have a youtube link later but for now I’ve uploaded the video. The version I use in the video is 2.0.1. 2.5 is available from sourceforge but I prefer the previous version for quality and ease of use. 2.0.1 is available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/qtpfsgui/files/luminance/2.0.1/ – get the version appropriate to your machine of course, for instance if you are using Windows the file to download is LuminanceHDR-Win-v2.0.1-1.exe

The You tube link for this tutorial is https://youtu.be/jjo0Ea6mesc


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