FadeDisc_JS Script

name = FadeDisc_JS Script
author = Jesus Sosa
date = January 13 2019
category = Randomizer
info=”Create a Faded Disc”

New script to create faded Discs with radial Symmetry

Jesus Sosa – GLSL Variations – Special edition JWildfire

New set of JWF variations with GLSL simulation


After implementing a set of java functions that simulate almost the bunch of the functions used in GLSL code for fragment shaders, I start to develop a set of JWF variations using the implemented functions, so I have translated fragment shaders (GLSL code) to java, using examples found in shadertoy.com and glslsandbox.com sites.…

Jesus Sosa Custom Version – Ducks

A few years ago, a new type of fractal imagery appeared involving fractal patterns apparently filling densely the plane, Ed Algra wrote a few formulas called “Ducky” for UltraFractal, Then Samuel Monnier interested in mathematics, physics and computers simplify that algorithm to reproduce this kind of fractals and he call “ducks”


Note- After Reading the Blog of the previous reference I decided to implement a ducks variation for Javawildfire, combining code for coloring fractals from many open source software that works with “ducks fractals” like Fragmentarium and FractalLab.…

Custom Version – Jesus Sosa – Sept 2018

New custom version of JWildfire including all the existing additional custom variations, plus

  • curcliecue
  • curliecue2
  • zsubieta
  • starfractal
  • triantruchet
  • arctruchet
  • swirl3D_wf
  • mandala
  • mandala2
  • jac_asn
  • corners
  • atan2_spirals
  • csc_squared
  • intersection
  • truchet2
  • hypercrop
  • hypershift2
  • stripfit
  • splits (with shear)

Some examples

Just extract to a new folder and run from there, please note if you create flames using the new variations,  and want to share them, the other people must use this version to load them.…

Custom Version 3.50 – Jesus Sosa

New custom version of JWildfire 3.5 by Jesus Sosa, featuring new variations CurlieCue, Starfractal and szubieta, examples shown below and above.