FadeDisc_JS Script

ScriptInfo name = FadeDisc_JS Script author = Jesus Sosa date = January 13 2019 category = Randomizer info=”Create a Faded Disc” New script to create faded Discs with radial Symmetry

Custom Version – Jesus Sosa – Sept 2018

New custom version of JWildfire including all the existing additional custom variations, plus curcliecue curliecue2 zsubieta starfractal triantruchet arctruchet swirl3D_wf mandala mandala2 jac_asn corners atan2_spirals csc_squared intersection truchet2 hypercrop hypershift2 stripfit splits (with shear) Some examples Just extract to a new folder and run from there, please note if you create flames using …

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Custom Version 3.50 – Jesus Sosa

New custom version of JWildfire 3.5 by Jesus Sosa, featuring new variations CurlieCue, Starfractal and szubieta, examples shown below and above.