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Fractal flames are a digital art form created by drawing geometric shapes by adding and manipulating “variations“. Fractals have an infinite level of detail, which makes them a perfect artistic medium for exploring concepts like infinity and self-similarity. They are beautiful, fascinating, and mysterious. They are self-similar patterns that repeat themselves in a never-ending loop. Fractals are found in nature – from the cells of plants, to the shapes of snowflakes, to the design of grains of sand.

About JWildfire

JWildfire is a free open-source Java-based flame editor and generator It is software based, It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux. It was initially released in 2001, and has been in development since 1995.

JWildfire contains a multitude of features, such as the ability to generate outstanding art, write and develop fractal scripts, perform transformations, and much more. See our About page

Sanctuary Website

Learn all about this amazing software here, as well as it being a repository for a huge amount of resources to get the most out of this amazing fractal software.

It is a big website, so take your time to explore all the areas, I’ve tried to organise it into broad categories of downloads, tutorials and reference material.

We have a Facebook group too.

Some examples of what you can create with JWildfire

See many more at our JWildfire Art Gallery Sister Site

The Best Fractal Art Generator !

This is why we have JWildfire , so you can experiment indefinitely to get the art you love, without having to learn the detailed mathematics or code behind it all. The fractal flame iterated function process originally devised by Scott Draves, is probably too complex for most to get their heads around, but you don’t have to! It uses variations to create image fractals which can be rendered with unique code. The flames that are created can be tailored with brightness and gamma correction among many parameters and functions set before rendering.

Just released! Version 6.5!!

Read all about it .. extra goodies including a JWildfire manual , variation grouping and so much more!!

Now Available! – Steam JWildfire

Explore the infite beauty of flame-fractals in a playful way! JWildfire in a self contained environment.