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This is a new website which hopefully will be used by people wanting to share their work, and learn or help others to learn how to get the most out of JWildfire.

You can:

Feel free to experiment with it, hover over your name in the top right to get a menu of your options, or just click the main menu items. I’ll give help when I can, I hope you like what I’ve done so far. It will evolve over time, and hopefully with your input become a great place to be. It’s aim is to be open, and bring all the very best out of people who use JWildfire, whether they are beginners or more seasoned.

We don’t tell you what to do, or what you can and can’t use, or how often. All we ask is that if you use the work of others to create your own, please credit them and definitely do not use other peoples images without their permission (we can check).


JWildfire 3.31 released!

Information about the new release can be found here and the new version can be downloaded at the official JWildfire website here.

Flamelet is here for your iOS Devices!

 flamelet_example_0020-300x169 HomeFlamelet is a very creative app for generating fractal art in a playful way. It does this by implementing the fractal-flame-algorithm, originally invented by Scott Draves, in a very versatile and efficient way.

There is literally an endless number of possibilities, and you never will have seen all.

Flamelet was designed from ground up for mobile devices, is easy to learn, but hard to master. This makes it an app, which has the potential to never become boring.

Flamelet gives you the freedom, either to create your own art from scratch, or to generate random flames and modify them.

 flamelet_example_0007-300x169 HomeThere are numerous flame-generators included, all of them with the potential to generate endless beauty.

Speaking about art, the app can render your creations in a very decent quality, directly on the device, without any additional costs.

Unlike to those fractal-zooming/scrolling-apps, Flamelet allows you to actually create fractal art. Either from scratch or by just modifying already created art with your fingertips.
Both, a playful and an exact approach are supported: you may just drag around controls or enter exact numerical values.
Of course, many combinations of formulas are already well-known, but you can try out your own ideas or just play around to find out new combinations.


Official site: http://flamelet.io/

Flamelet at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1387331406

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