JWildfire FAQ Part II

More of the questions asked about JWildfire and Fractal flames answered here.

  1. What is a JWildfire operator ?

    These are processes you can run once your flame is created to alter the final look of your image, see the videos here and here below for more information.

  2. How do I import or install scripts into JWildfire?

    There’s a separate page for instructions you can view how to install scripts here…

  3. Where do I download Java for JWildfire?

    Please refer to the following pages for locating and installing Java for JWildfire

  4. Where do I put the scripts I downloaded for JWildfire?

    All the information you need is on this page for all the details

  5. How do I use the animation features in JWildfire?

    See this great video on using the movie maker

  6. How to use displacement variation ?

    These can be complex, including how to add an image to displacement map. See this great tutorial

  7. How to batch render in JWildfire.

    There’s a complete how to batch render in JWildfire tutorial here.

  8. What’s the difference between a transform and a variation?

    Variations are the “commands” we give to JWildfire, Transforms are the lines these “commands” sit on. So for example a fractal flame may have one transform, but 6 variations as part of it. Or it may have 8 transforms each with a single variation.

  9. Where can I learn about variations?

    Rick Sidwell has a great in-depth look at some variations here, or you can browse a list here which will link to the various pages detailing the groups of variations that you can see here.

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