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Robert Keen

Robert Keen

Also a member of the following groups, Where my work is also featured: Blue Moon Gallery (my favorite), Kreative People (a favorite), The Digital Artist, Your Best Work, Glow, J Wildfire, Fractals Transformed:Post one, Comment One, Creative 3d Portrait, Mandelbulb & Juliabulb, Earnings Images, Clock works (a favorite), SL Awesome Landscape (a favorite), Xspherics: Creative Spheres, Creative Digital Art Comunity, TMI:Your Art & Nature, and Group with Experirnce (a favorite)

A site for my best work to be viewed.

diana coatu

Diana Coatu

My artworks reveal the holofractographic nature of the universe. The journey to other dimensions, the archetypes, the ethereal, the quantic dimensions, the mythological and the oneiric frequently materialize, having a profound spiritual meaning.

Diana Coatu Website