How to add Custom Variations

JWildfire has a facility to add in custom variations that  have been written by others into your flames, there are two ways of doing this. One is to paste the code into a custom_wf variation, or custom_wf_full which is an existing variation, or you can have them saved as files and use the Custom Variation Loader, which is a built in script you can run from within JWildfire.

You can download some custom variations here , or ones to paste in here ,  or on the JWildfire Forum

Two ways to use custom variations in JWildfire

Copy your code

The first thing you’re going to want to do, is to copy the code to paste back into JWildfire, so find one you’re interested in, drag your mouse to highlight all of the code, then either right click and select copy,  or press CTRL C (don’t know what it is on a mac sorry)
A1 copy your code | How to add Custom Variations

Add a custom_wf transform.

Ok once all the code has been copied, go to JWildfire, and either start a new flame, or you can modify an existing one. You’ll be adding a new variation called custom_wf or custom_wf_full.
A2 Select Customwf | How to add Custom Variations

Paste In your code

Click the cog/gear wheel to bring up the code box

A3 Click Settings | How to add Custom Variations

Then choose select all (to highlight all the code already in there), then select Paste (which will overwrite it with the code you copied from step 1). Then click OK.

Once you’ve done this your custom variation is ready to use like any other variation in JWildfire. You may have to experiment with adding the custom_wf in different places in your flame, best to read the notes that go along with the custom variation. And you’re done.


When you save your flame, it will save the custom variation with it, but if you want to use it in another flame, you’ll have to repeat the process, or make a snapshot of your flame first.
A4 Click Paste | How to add Custom Variations

Method two – Using Custom Variation loader

Built in to JWildfire is a Custom Variation Loader which will add a custom variation into your flame via running a script. It comes preloaded with several ones you can try straight away which is an advantage. Another advantage is you can build up a library of them, then by clicking a few buttons insert the one of your choice into your flame without the hassle of copying and pasting etc.

Because custom variations are small JAVA files, you’ll often find where they are available there’s a zip file containing the JAVA custom variation. What you do, is extract this to the folder where JWildfire keeps its custom variations. Alternatively if you find one that doesn’t have a separate Java file, you can copy and paste into a notepad and save it out as a JAVA file in the correct folder.

So, where does JWildfire keep its custom variations?

To find out you need to click preferences 
B1 Settingspreferences | How to add Custom Variations

Find settings for path

Scroll down the list of settings until you see the following.
B2 Location of Folder | How to add Custom Variations

This folder is where you will need to either extract your .java files or save them if you’ve copied them to a notepad first. I won’t go through how to extract from a zip, or how to save files into folders.  You should know this already, if not leave me a comment underneath and I’ll answer.
Once you’ve done this, you just need to…

Run the Custom Variation Loader

You can run it without adding any files as it has some already installed. Head over to the scripts area of JWildfire (see below)

B3 Open Built in scripts folder | How to add Custom Variations

Custom Variation Loader

Once you open the Built In scripts folder, look for the Custom Variation Loader and Run it
B4 Run Custom Variation Loader | How to add Custom Variations

Choose your custom variation.

It will pop up a box like this, choose your custom variation from the drop down list, then select where in your flame (which transform you want to place it on)
B5 Choose Options | How to add Custom Variations

Run script

Once you click Run Script, the new custom variation will be inserted into your flame ready for you to play with.

Tutorial videos for adding custom variations

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