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Answers to common questions about JWildfire

What is JWildfire Sanctuary ?

JWildfire is a free, software based (windows, mac and linux) , fractal flame generator and editor (tina), which uses a variety of algorithms to generate beautiful fractal flame art, which you can use for your own purposes. 

Where can I download it ?


Is it free?

It is 100% free, but it is strongly urged that you make a donation toward it’s continual improvement.

Is it available for other platforms ?

It is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. There is a smaller lighter version available for Android devices.

How do I install JWildfire for Windows ?

You can follow the instructions on this page.

Is there a JWildfire Sanctuary manual ?

No, but there is an absolute wealth of guides, tutorials and a great community willing to help you learn. (note newer versions have guides built in)

Can I use my creations however I want ?

Yes, there’s no restrictions on what you do with your created images.

What are flames ?

Flames are the set of parameters that create a fractal flame image. They can be copied and pasted into JWildfire to recreate images made by others. You can browse a huge collection of them here

What are scripts ?

Scripts, are an automatic way of generating flames with random settings. Once a script is installed, it can be run to generate many different flames. There are lots of scripts to try out here

If I use someones flame or a script, do I need to credit its creator ?

Yes, you must always make sure to credit anyone’s work used in helping you make a design. In the case of scripts, it’s required that you post a link to where you obtained the script, so that others can find and use this themselves.

Where can I get support for the software?

You can visit the JWildfire Sanctuary Forums at or join a JWildfire Facebook group here or here and ask for advice there. Under no circumstances, contact the author directly.

Where can I get downloads and other additional resources for JWildfire?

Right here at the JWildfire Sanctuary website, or you can visit the JWildfire Forum

Are there any other websites I can take a look at ?

There’s the excellent JWildfire Art Galleries the Unofficial JWildfire Wiki and the JWildfire Code repository

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