how to use texture Mapping in JWildfire -Exercise 1

Tutorial by Jesus Sosa

By Jesus Sosa

Time Needed : 35 minutes

This little tutorial will let you know how to put a raster image to a 3D object as a texture in JavaWildfire You can use this technique with any variation that build a 3D object, by example a obj_mesh_primitive_wf, obj_mesh_wf ,lsystem3D, knots3D, seashell3D, parplot2D_wf, yplot2d_wf, yplot3d_wf, dla3d_wf, sattractor3D, square3D, sphirograph3D, supershape3D, terrain3D. But, also you can use it in many other 2D variations as a way to color fractals with a texture map, you may try variations like brownian_js, circleblur, chrisantemum, pdj, svenssons_js, clifford_js, sunflower, crown_js, lace_js, macmillan, maurer_rose, maurer_lines, nsudoku, gpattern, hadamard_js, recurrenceplot, rhodonea and more.

Download the folders to go with this tutorial here, and extract them onto your computer.

  1. Step 1

    Lets start a new flame from scratch Add a Transformation T1, change Var1 from linear3D to obj_mesh_primitive_wf

    page1 image1

  2. Step 2

    Add to T1 a new Var2 colormap_wf, make the current variation a post variation pushing the post button at rightside of the Var2 “colormap_wf”


  3. Step 3

    change the following parameters in colormap_wf reset_z = 0 image_filename= open the file 13.jpg from the textures directory you downloaded.


  4. Step 4

    You will see this flame


  5. Step 5

    change the scale_x and scale_y parameters to 0.5


  6. Step 6

    change the tile_x, tile_y to 0.0


  7. Step 7

    Change the offset_x,offset_y to 0.25


  8. Step 8

    Now change the camera position with this values Roll=0, Pitch=45, Yaw=60, Perspective=0.1


  9. Step 9

    We have applied a texture file to obj_mesh_primitive_wf, you can change now the primitive parameter of the T1_Var1, to any value. If change primitive=15 in T1_Var1 obj_mesh_primitive_wf) you will see.


  10. Step 10

    Try changing different texture files , scale_x,scale_y for colormap_wf and different primitives for obj_primitive_wf, and render in 3D mode.


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