Installing Java and JWildfire

The few simple steps needed to get started on your JWildfire journey…

(used with permission from JWildfire Wiki)


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  1. For linux/unix users, there are few other steps as windows.

    Once the tar.gz file downloaded, extract it. Once extracted, you must have a folder with a name such as “jre1.8.0_172”.

    On debian and ubuntu like operating systems, this folder must be in the following path : /usr/lib/jvm

    The jvm folder is useful for any software that uses or needs the java runtime environment such as libreoffice/openoffice.

    If you don’t know where is the path of your jvm or if you are not sure where it is (it may vary depending on the operating system), ask it in the terminal with the following command :

    whereis jvm

    and you should have an answer like, jvm: /usr/lib/jvm

    In the same terminal, grant root admin privileges : sudo for ubuntu, su for debian. Put your password. If the process succeeds, you may have # instead of $ in the terminal. This # says that you have root privileges.

    As you know the path of your jvm, and you know the path of the jre folder, you have to type the following command line to move the jre folder to the jvm folder :

    mv /path/to/the/jre1.8.0_172 /usr/lib/jvm

    mv = move. Consider each expression as a word, so between them put a space mv is a word, /path/to/the… is also a word, etc.

  2. I installed the latest windows Java (release 1.8.0_191). I then installed Jwildfire 3.50. When I launch (both from the file folder and the short cut icon on the desktop – the start page comes up. It shows the latest Java version. I then press start and the page disappears. Next, I check the debug box – run it again – it disappears and then I bring it up again and check the messages log. It says “No JRE found in “/C:/Users/spddesktop/Documents/jwildfire/j-wildfire-3.50/j-wildfire-launcher.jar”.

    I thought – maybe I need to reselect the java version – so I do the add java thing – go to my c: drive java folder, look in the BIN directory and click on java.exe – that works. Then I try starting again and the page disappears again (and no app shows the Windows Task Manager.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks Scott

  3. Just for fun, I rebooted. Turned on debug and hit the start button – the start button turned white and is just sitting there. The message log is saying “Attempting to launch JWildfire using the command:
    cmd /start /low /b “JWildfire” and then the file location.

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