Fractal Variation List

Flame Fractal Variations – Rick Sidwell

Here’s a table with some of the variations you can use with JWildfire to create stunning fractal flames. You’ll notice that each variation is assigned to a group. Both the variation’s name and the group’s name can be clicked to access more information about either.

Fractals are created by adding variations to a transform or transformation line. There is a tutorial for creating a new flame from scratch here

There are also video tutorials available as well as here

Notes by Rick Sidwell

I personally use JWildfire most often for generating fractal flames, and have used it to create most of the example images. However, this project is not limited to that program, and includes variations made for other programs as well. However, with very few exceptions, only variations for which source code is available are listed here.

Please don’t create issues for missing variations; I’m already aware most variations are missing.

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