Use the JWildfire Image Operators

Here are a series of guides on using JWildfire’s Operators..

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Quick guide on how to use the image operators within JWildfire. These allow you to process images with various techniques to make your fractals stand out more, they are a collection of filters effectively, that allow you to alter parameters.

  1. Add an image to JWildfire

    Doesn’t have to be a flame fractal of course, you can use any image, but seeing as how it’s fractal related, I’ll use one here.

    Open image

  2. Find your image file and open

    Locate an image on your computer, and click open, to add it to JWildfire.

    Find file to open

  3. File now opened in JWildfire

    You should now see your image in an open window.

  4. Open image processing option from the Windows menu in JWildfire.

    Go to the windows menu inside of JWildfire, then click image processing.

    Click image processing

  5. Choose your image then choose your processor

    You can see in this image how to choose your image at the bottom, then at the top is a list of image processors/filters. Underneath that are the values you can change for the processor. To change values, double click in the value area, or hit F2. Once you have those set, click transform.

    choose options and transform

  6. After clicking transform, you will see your transformed picture.

    Now you will see your altered picture based on the operator and parameters you used. JWildfire has opened another window for your transform settings, so click that window and adjust some more until you get your cool image effect.

    transformed image

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