Created a flame for a facebook Flame Game,  and wrote a tiny script to try out different parameters. The script expanded to three scripts which I present here. They’re not much really, they have a lot of random final action going and some parameter randomisations. Still, they can produce some very nice images …

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Spirit Molecule One

This blur experimentation is going well, the main reason I like Blur is the 3d effect it often gives, and especially Blur3D, which gives a kind of 3D glowing light effect. Here I tried adding twin sphericals as I’ve been playing with also lately and some others. Good fun to play with.

Bonsai Ball

Another flame for the Sphericals Flame Game, there’s a few variations on this one, I’ll post below, but this was my favourite. It basically adds to the two sphericals a subflame, the flame of which was taken from my Silly Script pack.

Spherical Spirals

Not much to say here except, I like starting with  blur3d then adding a transform with a spherical followed by a split border in this case. Then a julia transform and a final hypertile to get everything repeated across the screen.