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Quite often in JWildfire you’ll end up with a fractal that has a circular hole in the centre, and it would look so much better if you could fill it somehow. There are various ways to do this, I’ll look at one way here, which is to pinch the fractal in toward the centre. There’s a video tutorial of this technique here if you prefer.

  1. Fractal with a hole example.

    Here you see a typical example of a fractal with a hole, that would look better filled.

  2. Adding a second variation to our last transform.

    So, what we need to do is add another variation to our last transform, in this case hypertile. Click the drop down arrow button to list the variations, and we’re looking for the spherical variation.

  3. Choose the spherical variation

    Choose the spherical variation from the drop down list.

  4. Click the button next to the drop down, the post transform button.

    Clicking the button alongside the dropdown button, this is the post transform button, just click it once to activate it.

  5. Setting a negative value.

    We need to either drag in the value area to the left to start reducing the value to the negative range, or we can type one in, or if you have a mouse wheel, click in and use the wheel. It only usually needs a small value to pinch the centre of the fractal inward. Try adjusting it by clicking the arrow buttons to the side of the value for more precise control, for further precise control, click the “fine edit” button at the top of JWildfire.

  6. The hole is filled!

    And there’s the result, no more hole in the centre of the fractal. As mentioned earlier, there are other methods that can be used, but this is my go to method.

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