Samhain Splits

Samhain Splits – M Bourne Halloween 2018/December 2018 A good collection of splits and some ornate patterns to use as computer wallpaper, for tweaking, for actual wallpaper (go on I dare you) Too tired to write out a full description for each of these, you’ll see from the Transforms and variations, what’s going …

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Splitting Feathers – M Bourne and Mi Mi

This is a script based entirely on a flame by Mi Mi, so wonderful was the flame, I decided to create a script around it to try out different variations, parameters and positioning. Also some symmetry is involved.

Silly Scriptz

Cover1 3

SillyScriptz V2 Now Added ! SillyScriptz V2 adds to the variety of interesting designs you can now create, and offer more than elliptics, there’s a whole bunch of randomness thrown in to create original starting points for your flames. Please keep clicking run, as some of them go through all the transforms randomly. …

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