Name: elliptic
Type: 2D
Author: Joel and Michael Faber

Name: eMotion
Type: 2D
Author: Michael Faber

Name: ePush
Type: 2D
Author: Michael Faber

Name: eRotate
Type: 2D
Author: Michael Faber

Name: eScale
Type: 2D
Author: Michael Faber


The most commonly used coordinate systems are rectangular coordinates and polar coordinate.…

Samhain Splits

Samhain Splits – M Bourne Halloween 2018/December 2018

A good collection of splits and some ornate patterns to use as computer wallpaper, for tweaking, for actual wallpaper (go on I dare you)

Too tired to write out a full description for each of these, you’ll see from the Transforms and variations, what’s going on anyway.…

Splitting Feathers – M Bourne and Mi Mi

This is a script based entirely on a flame by Mi Mi, so wonderful was the flame, I decided to create a script around it to try out different variations, parameters and positioning. Also some symmetry is involved. There’s a collection of scripts that do the various things in here, keep clicking “Run Script” to get to one you like, then alter it to suit.…

Silly Scriptz

Cover1 3

SillyScriptz V2 Now Added !

SillyScriptz V2 adds to the variety of interesting designs you can now create, and offer more than elliptics, there’s a whole bunch of randomness thrown in to create original starting points for your flames. Please keep clicking run, as some of them go through all the transforms randomly.…

The Gateway


Following on with the bTransform on a linear elliptic, I decided to tweak my Splits (painful!) flame a bit more, by adding a bit of blur and altering the parameters a little further. Ended up with this image, which I am quite happy with.…