Name: bipolar
Type: 2D
Author: Joel and Michael Faber

Name: bTransform
Type: 2D
Author: Michael Faber




The most commonly used coordinate systems are rectangular coordinates and polar coordinates (see polar). But these aren’t the only possibilities. One of the less common coordinate systems is bipolar coordinates.…

The Gateway


Following on with the bTransform on a linear elliptic, I decided to tweak my Splits (painful!) flame a bit more, by adding a bit of blur and altering the parameters a little further. Ended up with this image, which I am quite happy with.…

I shoot into the light

into the light

Cue Peter Gabriel classic song. Still playing with bTransform as a final, I decided to make some waves, and spirals branch out. The bTransform did a great job of distorting these into a point, with some added benefits of extra shininess (I think), anyway, here’s the flame.…

bTransform my splits


Well, decided to go ahead and add a bTransform to an old elliptic splits flame, just to see what could be altered. Quite a lot it seems, didn’t have to do much tweaking at all to get the image below. Try it, adjust the bTransform settings, but whole numbers at a time for the best results.…