Curved Space

By Michael Bourne in collaboration with Mi Mi Mi Mi’s excellent flame, and guidance on this helped me create these scripts which produce the most beautiful watercolour/pastel images. They are perfect for tweaking, and there’s a lot of scripts to try out in this pack. Experiment with Foreground Opacity (fg opacity) on the …

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Created a flame for a facebook Flame Game,  and wrote a tiny script to try out different parameters. The script expanded to three scripts which I present here. They’re not much really, they have a lot of random final action going and some parameter randomisations. Still, they can produce some very nice images …

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Blur Flame Pack

gaussian blur3

Blur Flame Samples to go along with the Blur Variation Information page by  Rick Sidwell  

Blurry Eye

Here’s an example for our Blur flame game, based on Rick Sidwell’s excellent Blur page.  This time I added two finals of a sphericalN (this is my latest thing), then added two glynnsim1 finals so that it would shrink to the middle more