Name:text_wf Type: 2D blur Author:Andreas Maschke Description The text_wf variation incorporates a line of text into a flame. It is a blur variation like circleblur and starblur, meaning it ignores the input and just generates a shape; but instead of the shape being a circle or star, it is a line of text. …

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Name: glynnSim1 Name: glynnSim2 Name: glynnSim3 Type:2D Author: Alexey Ermushev (eralex61) Description The glynnSim variations are a cross between linear and spherical. Using the unit circle as a dividing line, their output has three parts: Outside the unit circle is whatever was there before (like linear), Inside the unit circle is a reflection …

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Name: subflame_wf Type: 3D blur Author: Andreas Maschke Description The subflame_wf variation allows using a flame as part of another flame. This is useful for providing textures and filling in blank spaces. It is often possible to accomplish similar results using Xaos, but using subflames is often simpler. There are two key points …

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Name: linear3D Type: 3D Name: linear Type: 2D Description Although “linear” seems a strange name for a non-linear variation, it’s a really important one. The name makes sense in the context that it means not to use a non-linear variation, just the affine mappings that are part of every transform. When a new …

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gaussian blur3

Name: gaussian_blur Type: 2D blur Name: pre_blur Type: 2D blur pre Description Carl Frederich Gauss was a preeminent early nineteenth century German mathematician and scientist. Among the many things named for him is the Gaussian distribution, also known as the normal distribution or the bell curve, which is very important in statistics. It …

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