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First of all, thanks for downloading and running the OA scripts, have lots of fun with them, and please if you post images online made with them, link back to the download which you can find here.

They came out of working on the curved space scripts and the Goldig scripts, which were originally borne out of flame ideas by Mi Mi. Just wanted to see what else could be done with them.

  1. Click the Scripts and custom buttons tab

    After installing the scripts, click the tab for scripts

  2. Find the script folder, and double click it’s name.

    Scroll through the list of scripts you have on your machine, then double click the folder for The OA
    Double click Folder name

  3. Choose your script and run it

    Choose one of the scripts, then either double click it’s name, or click it once, and click the Run button.

  4. Hole in the middle!

    Some of the scripts (especially Julia types) will have a nice design, but a blank area in the middle, going to show two ways to solve this.

  5. Click the Transformations tab

    Click the Transformations tab to switch to our transforms.

  6. Click on the Final transform

    Click the final transform once and you should see julian of some kind, here it is the julian3dx.

  7. Adding a new variation

    Click the drop down arrow underneath the Julian variation.

  8. Choose spherical

    On the drop down list, scroll down to find spherical, and click it stick with this.

  9. Click the Post variation button

    Alongside the name, you will need to click the button shown above to make it a post variation.

  10. Make a negative value for the spherical

    Click into the value area then hold your mouse and move left to reduce the 0 value to a negative number. Or you can use the small down arrows to reduce the value. Or you can type one
    in. Best if you use the drag method or arrows as you can see what it is doing to your fractal in real time.

  11. No more hole in the middle!

    As you can see, using the spherical with a negative value has pulled the fractal in toward the centre. There’s another way of doing this, read on to find out how. Or if this method suits,

  12. Method Two ! Adding a glynnsim1

    Another way of filling the holes, is to add a second Final transform of glynnsim1. So assuming you’ve just run the script and have a hole in the middle again, click the Add final button.

  13. Change linear3D to glynnsim1

    When you add another final, it will default to linear3D, change this to glynnsim1.

  14. Change the radius1 value to zero.

    Click the drop down arrow to show the values for glynnsim1, then change the radius1 value to 0.

  15. Change radius value to less than 1

    Again, make sure radius1 is set to zero, then reduce the value of radius slowly below 1, and watch your fractal.

  16. The hole is reducing!

    Glynnsim1 makes a copy of your fractal in the centre, so reducing the radius value will shrink it in and join with what is there. Complex? yes, so was the OA TV series! 🙂 You will probably start to see it come away from the main fractal if you keep reducing. You can always add yet another glynnsim1 final (click the duplicate button) and reduce radius on your second glynnsim1. Or if you’re brave, you can jump to the beginning of this how to, and add a spherical after your glynnsim1.

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