0A The 0A Scripts

New set of scripts that take the ideas of Curved space  and the Goldig  scripts further. None of which would be possible without my good friend MiMi. There's a complete how to page devoted to these scripts , so I won't go into the details of what you can do with them. Just have fun, tweak away, and as always, if you post images with them, please post a link to this download page with your images. Just so word gets out and people can play with them for themselves.

Did I get the name from the TV series? Yes and no, I started to name my scripts with a 0 to make sure the ones I preferred went to the top, then added an A to make sure the best of the best went to the top. Then realised it was the name of the TV series.. 🙂 Good series as well, except for when Netflix decided to cancel it abruptly..


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