Silly Scriptz

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SillyScriptz V2 Now Added ! SillyScriptz V2 adds to the variety of interesting designs you can now create, and offer more than elliptics, there’s a whole bunch of randomness thrown in to create original starting points for your flames. Please keep clicking run, as some of them go through all the transforms randomly. …

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Flowerz Script

flowerz by audiomonk

Just a small script to create flower heads, didn’t quite make it into the Nature scripts pack. Not very complex, just keep running it til you get one you like, then tweak away. It’d be nice to see them when you make them, so although I don’t crave my name getting mentioned, just leave me a comment to where yours are to see them. 🙂 Feel free to credit me though if you want. Any questions, just ask. Tutorial on How to install scripts