Understanding double modulus

Today we’re going to take a look at both the double modulus and the DCD modulus techniques and variations. Right now I’m just playing with just DC D modulus in case you’re wondering the D stands for double so basically it’s DC double modulus which is actually I got and it was inspired by a tutorial by dark beam. Not dark bean box tale I apologize foxtail and he in his tutorial he also gives credit to pile master for the original technique. I will include a link to this down below and also Rick Sidwell also did a written tutorial on doing the double modulus as well, and I will also link to it down below. So this is just my take on the double modulus style and there is a lot you can do with this style and and this way raishin so there’s one day I was playing around after I had help. Hey Zeus and Rick sin will come up with the the d CD modulus variation I had see I was playing with primitives on square with it open that open and I had a log tile final set to 2 on the x and the y. And you know I just goofing around with it a while ago. Tatiana and zepa Nova hopefully I and pronouncing her name right had said that the double modulus technique is based on Pythagorean tiling and I asked her about it and she gave me this Wikipedia link, which I can also put down below. I tried it I tried it and I got frustrated and I gave up and and I even had some sample prints from her and I just couldn’t couldn’t get it and so and till Box Hill came out with his tutorial and then I got it but there is a lot of math involved.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding double modulus for JWildfire

tutorial by Boxtail
tutorial by Rick Sidwell

the sin and cos in Boxtails tut are the 2 diagrams (yes I am blind) lol

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