Understanding Circus variation

Today I’m going to look at how to use the circus variation in Jwildfire. The circus variation was created by Michel Faber and it is part of the lost variations a pack that he made you can download it here probably if you just look for the lost variation. Search for it you should find his page you can download the zip file for some useful information that you might need. If we look at our good old trusty color grid here then add a final go to look a lot circus with the circus variation only has one variable and that is scale. When you load it, it looks just like a regular let’s say linear, but if we use a scale you’ll see it pushes in inward and then outward and it leave a open area in the edge. So it does act as some of the other circle type variations and first beam increased the diameter of the circle will be now if you go from set back to zero everything disappears slowly increase it you’ll see the hour apart show up while keeping the inner part like if you go fot it 1 and then increase it it will actually start to overlap on itself so it’s actually overlapping and going in both directions.

Brad Stefanov

For Jwildfire Understanding Circus variation

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