understanding circle linear

Today I am going to a kind explain to you how to use the circle linear variation and first I am also going to go over how I kind of get information about one variation so I’m going to shoot myself down here and when researching variations for JWildfire I always start at this link here i will put all these links in the description for this video (below) and this shows a list of all the variations that are in jwildfire and this is on the JWildfire github so for this one i am going to look under the circle linear which is right here and in everywhere and within the code of every variation almost unless it’s if it was a variation created by somebody other than Andreas, he always tries to put a link to the original of variation and you can see this line here it says superlinear by Earl acts and that has the website of the link to where it was originally posted so then if you just click that link.

Brad Stefanov

understanding circle linear variation for JWildfire
JWildfire variation link

DA variation link

Colorgrid link

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