Understanding Circlerand

Today I’m going to be talking about the circlerand variations for jwildfire. So I’m just going to do a new from scratch add go up to circlerand you have to adjust the gradient so make it a little bit brighter and this is what it looks like out of the box the total rate rayon variation came from or lack if you go to his DA in just search for probably circles or look at his gallery under plugins to fight it here inside it has a flame file it along with the code that was used for apophysis.

Here is a link to the jwildfire codes for it which was transcribed into Jwildfire by Andreas. I am short so if we go back to the variation it just randomly it’s different size circles of different sizes in a random area. If you look at the variables SC kind of shrinks everything down you can add more or also you can also have less circles around, the dense variable will add even more different randoms and stuff different random circles. That’s interesting if you set it to zero it shows nothing so that’s something to keep in mind you want to you something above zero and the x and y you can actually control they’re actually type in a square shape so here I’m thinking the X puts in here it is actually shrinking the left and right sides of the square that it populating then with why it’s except changing the up and down side of the square which is something kind of important to keep in mind.

Brad Stefanov

Created with JWildfire Understanding Circlerand

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