Understanding Curve variation

Today we are going to be taking a look at the curve variation. So to begin with as always we’re gonna start with our color grid look added to my finals and as you can see right off the bat it kind of warps the plane. If you set some of the variables to zero you might be able to get a better idea. So in this setup it actually works just like a a linear so if you set the both at zero it relaxed, just had the linear and those two is six to zero the X length and white length you do you not have any effect. Now I’m going to see if we adjust the X amp you see it’s warping the plane left in the white left and right. Why it warps the plane up and down like this a let’s sit one and then let’s take a look at the length. It kind of shows how much it warps on that axis say exactly to zero you see the hands like a faint line down here because it’s bringing everything together but even in free up it just a little bit you can see a nice little crease here which as you can get a interesting result so let’s take a look at what we can do with some of this.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding Curve variation for JWildfire

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