Understanding Circle Crop

Today we’re going to be talking about the circle crop variation and also uncover the pre circle crop and post circle crop. So first we’re going to take a look at how it works as a final, line or a good-old grid here so just add as final go to circle crop and as you see it just basically as it says makes whatever a circle some of the variables or the radius which affects how big or small these circle is. You can also move it to left and right the X up down with y then you can also give it a border using this scattered area but in order for scatter area to work you need to set this 0 this is actually a switch that only works with 0 & 1 so we’re going to set this to 0 and you see it already have a small border around it. But if you go to scatter we can you can see we can increase the area of the order that it makes then you can also see how three is keeping it all the way down that makes a just a circle with the border also free increases they can also decrease the scatter so it actually works towards the inside again if you make the radius 0 less than zero you put it leaves the pattern we only have the bar which is also something else that you might be able to eat and now we’re going to see how it will work on a possible fractal for this.

Brad Stefanov

For JWildfire Understanding Circle Crop
check this video by Tatyana Zabanova

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