How to add a reflection map to a 3D fractal.


This is a very quick guide to how to map an image to a 3D fractal. I’ve created the tutorial to go along with the new Weird Sphere Scripts . If you add a reflection map, then make the background the same image as the reflection map, you get the illusion that the object is reflecting the background.


Step 1 Choose the 3D rendering tab.

Clicking the Gradient Tab

Step 2 Altering light settings and adding the reflection image.

Altering light settings and adding reflection map.

As you can see first we click Material Settings, then drag the Diffuse and Ambient settings down low, otherwise the object will be rendered too brightly. Drag them to about 0.1 or probably lower.

Then click Select Image, this is the image that will be applied to your 3d object for reflection.


Step 3 Adding the same image for the background.

Add same image as the background image.

Next, we click the colouring tab first, then choose select image next to where it says Bg image (Background image). This is so the background will match our reflection.

Step 4 The finished result

Final result.

Play around with all settings, including those in the Anti Aliasing tab to get the best results. This hopefully gives you a start on how to do these kind of images.



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  1. Hi, Thoth.
    I have a problem.
    The 3D Rendering tab brings up the various headings. However, when I click on Material Settings, or any other of the headings, the slides remain pale and unmoveable. Any help would be gratefully accepted.
    Thanks, Graham.

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