• Variations that create multiple copies with various symmetrical variations. The examples for these variations show the letters “SYM” with the variation applied once to show the essence of each. All have […]

  • Variations that create colored stamps with interesting designs. They are all blur variations (they ignore their inputs) and by default use true color (they set specific red, green, and blue values) though there […]

  • Variations that generate specific shapes using polar coordinates. Unlike normal blurs, which ignore the input point, these variations are half blurs that take the angle of the input point (theta) and compute a […]

  • Variations that create different kinds of patterns.

    Download Sample flames and resources


    Generate a checkerboard pattern

    Type: 3D direct color blurAuthor: Andreas Maschke […]

  • Version 5.50 of the fractal flame program JWildfire was released on December 21, 2019. It has a lot of new features to help make creating nice flame fractals easier. In this video we have a look at the new […]

  • This is a tutorial about the solid render light settings in JWildfire.Resources for this video are available at https://github.com/sidwellr/VideoResources/blob/master/JWF_Light_Settings/README.md

  • This is a tutorial about the solid render material settings in JWildfire.Resources for this video are available at https://github.com/sidwellr/VideoResources/blob/master/JWF_Materials/README.md.

  • I started this YouTube channel about fractals and fractal art, so I figured it would be good to have an introductory video describing fractals. I cover some common characteristics of fractals: self similarity, […]

  • Variations that use L-Systems to generate shapes. These are all “blur” variations that ignore their input and just generate a random point on the shape for each iteration.


  • Variations that manipulate only the z coordinate. All of these must be used with another variation to process x and y (even if linear to simply copy it).


    Extrude the other variations on the […]

  • rsidwell wrote a new post, Waves 1 year, 3 months ago

    Variations that add waves to x, y, and/or z. There are a lot of different variants on this theme, differing in the parameters available and how they are applied.


    Wave effect that gets stronger […]

  • rsidwell wrote a new post, Synth 1 year, 3 months ago

    Variations that emulate a number of other variations, adding wavy effects using a technique from audio synthesizers.

    synth v1

    The first version of synth is still available, but superceded by synth V2. […]

  • Variations that ignore the input and generate specific shapes. Often called “blurs” because they create a blur effect when used on the same transform with other variations.


    Circle with a bright cen […]

  • The rose or rhodonea curve is shaped like a flower with petals, obtained by plotting a sine curve in polar coordinates. Its shape is determined by the frequency of the sine wave, denoted k. It is finite when k is […]

  • Variations that reshape the input (for example, turn a circle into a square or other polygon).


    Reshape circles centered at the orgin into butterfly shapes.

    Type: 2DAuthor: Joel and Michael […]

  • rsidwell wrote a new post, Polar 1 year, 3 months ago

    Switch between polar or log-polar and rectangular coordinates.


    Treat the rectangular coordinates (x,y) of a point as polar coordinates (ρ,θ) (the inverse of polar).

    Type: 2DAuthor: Luca G ( […]

  • These variations are all blurs that plot formulas in two or three dimensions. They allow entering custom formulas, but also come with presets for ease of use.


    Isosurface plot (plots points […]

  • Variations that just copy the input, some with minor modification.


    Swap x and y.

    Type: 2DAuthor: ShortgreenpiggDate: 16 Nov 2010


    Direct color version of linear3D.

    Type: […]

  • rsidwell wrote a new post, Julia 1 year, 3 months ago

    Variations based on polynomial Julia sets. For escape time fractals, the formula is z → z^n + c. For flames, the mapping is reversed and the “+ c” part is done by the affine transform, so these variations b […]

  • Variations that invert across various shapes, such as the unit circle.


    Combines spherical and linear.

    Type: 2DAuthor: Tatyana Zabanova (tatasz)Date: 5 Jun […]

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