Understanding mirror translations

Today we are going to take a work at a new feature in a wildfire 3.30 it is called the mirror translations button over on the Jwildfire forums Rick Sidwell posted a tutorial on how to use it along with a DC perlins and a final of using loonie. If you look at our list of changes for it, you will notice it is experimental that this function may change sometimes even experimental things might might get removed later on which hopefully IC think it’s kind of cool, so I hope it doesn’t get removed but things could change and future versions. You really need to just pay attention to this line here it taught the toggle button to the affine tab the toggle applies to all three planes when toggled on. Viewing a find and then changing the translation from zero one or zero two coefficients which are basically coefficients or the locations that make up the triangles and so saying that the fine is mirrored by reversing the translation setting of the post affine negative 1 and negative 2 so it’s basically saying if something is positive 1 & 2 on the pre of the negative 1 into on the post. So we’re going to take a look real quick at Rick Sidwell’s example here I just have a DC perlins and a loonie so I’m on a regular transform on the loonie by just drag the triangle around you see the purlins is moving but the loonie is not be reset if you click on post , excuse me we have it that everything moves both the perlins and the loonie are moving out at the same time and I’m gonna reset now here’s the button we’re talking about it’s the mirror translations button so if we click on that it activates it so we’re gonna move curl in.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding mirror translations in JWildfire
JWildfire Forum link https://jwildfire.overwhale.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2580

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