How to paste flame code into JWildfire

In the flame posts section, you’ll see a lot of flames have a lot of code that accompany them. This is a flame, which you can copy from this site, and paste into your copy of JWildfire.  The methods of copying are different, but you always click “From Clipboard” inside of JWildfire to get the flame in (see pic below).

Know where your clipboard button is

In JWildfire there’s two clipboard buttons “From clipboard” and “To clipboard”. One brings flame code into JWildfire, the other sends the flame code to the clipboard if you want to share it somewhere like the Sanctuary Paster for example. We’re interested in the “From clipboard” for these instructions as we’re going to copy flames from the flame posts section into our JWildfire.

Here’s the button, don’t click it yet, we’ve not put anything in the clipboard.

3 Click From Clipboard | How to paste flame code into JWildfire

Find a flame you like.

Flame code can be found in many places on the internet like Pastebin, there are many posted at the JWildfire Sanctuary facebook group, in that case you would simply highlight all the code beginning with <flame right up to, and including the </flame> at the end. Then right click the mouse and choose copy. Or do a CTRL C.

2 Copy from Pastebine | How to paste flame code into JWildfire

Copying flame code from this site

As mentioned before, there are hundreds of flames posted on this website in the flame section and adding them into your JWildfire is very easy. Find a post in there you like the look of, then notice the code underneath. You’ll see if you move your mouse over the code 3 buttons appear on the right hand side. We’re only really interested in the middle button the copy button.

Copy the code

This is the button that looks like two squares overlaid, and is without doubt our friend. The reason being, if you click this button, then switch to your copy of JWildfire and click “From Clipboard” then the code will be pasted in and you’ll end up with the image you see above the flame post. It’s then yours to tweak and play with how you see fit. Please note though that you need to credit the author of the flame if you decide to share your tweaked image.

Screenshot 3 | How to paste flame code into JWildfire

Taking it further

You might also want to read up on tweaking a flame and more information on pasting flames from different sources.

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