Custom Version – Jesus Sosa – Sept 2018

New custom version of JWildfire including all the existing additional custom variations, plus

  • curcliecue
  • curliecue2
  • zsubieta
  • starfractal
  • triantruchet
  • arctruchet
  • swirl3D_wf
  • mandala
  • mandala2
  • jac_asn
  • corners
  • atan2_spirals
  • csc_squared
  • intersection
  • truchet2
  • hypercrop
  • hypershift2
  • stripfit
  • splits (with shear)

Some examples

Just extract to a new folder and run from there, please note if you create flames using the new variations,  and want to share them, the other people must use this version to load them.…

Corners – Whittaker Courtney

Similar to a splits but accelerates outward, somewhat like pulling at the corners and stretching outward.

Power adjusts the acceleration, default is 0.75, set at 0.5 it behaves like a splits (no acceleration) but can be adjusted higher or lower. If the pattern seems to fade too much, reducing the power or multipliers can help.…

CSC Squared – Whittaker Courtney

Works as if you took a cylinder of the pattern, cut it in half, then stretched it open to the left and right.

Creates a parallel pattern on either side, so it can be thought of as an adjustable 2 sided splits with a curvature stretching outward.…