How to load custom_wf_full code

Today I am going to show you how to install a custom WF full variation, so you start up a jwildfire new from scratch , go to add nonlinear good custom WF full there’s also a custom WF but today we are going to be focusing on the custom WF full variation. So once you have that loaded, you need to get the code and you can get most of the custom wfs from the JWildfire forum or here .Go to the custom variation and I just they can just pick one this is one that I have created this is you can read what it does, here and it is a custom WF old code you just select all. right click go to copy. and go to JWildfire you click this button here this is where you can do all of the editing of the code you can select it all delete it, and then ctrl-v to paste the code that we have just copied and then it acts just like a regular variation would if it has any params.

Brad Stefanov

How to load custom_wf_full code using JWildfire

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