JWildfire Steam Version

JWildfire is a very sophisticated flame fractal generator whose roots go back about 25 years.

Key Features:
– is probably the most versatile Flame fractal editor available
– has lots of parameters, most of them can be animated by motion-curves/keyframes
– visually appealing graphical user interface which is optimized for exploring the fractal realm in a very playful way
– contains about 800 variations/formulas
– lots of random-flame-generators which produce nice fractals forms as starting point for your own creations
– numerous sub-modules like
– MutaGen: for creating mutations of existings frames
– Interactive/Infinite renderer
– Dancing Flames: sound-synchronized animation of parameters
– Java-based scripting-interface which easily lets you create your own fractals-generators
– Continuous development/improvement since the last 10 years

(Note: in the first version for Windows only. Maybe later for Linux. For Mac there is already a special build (with special features for Catalina) in the App Store, so there will be no Steam version for Mac)
(Note: it will be absolutely optional to purchase and use this version (cost: about 10 bucks). In comparison to the free build, which you can always download from my site or create by yourself, you will not have to deal with updates and updates for Java etc. So, the Steam version will just include everything and also update everything (at application level, so it will not touch your own Java installation, for example), when needed)

    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    OS: Windows 7
    Memory: 4 GB RAM

    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    OS: Windows 10
    Memory: 8 GB RAM

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