JWildfire 6-22 Release

A new release of JWildfire, thanks to Andreas Maschke. You can download the steam version which is easier to update, and you don’t have to set Java up, or you can download the non steam version. The steam version is available for a very small cost, the non steam version is free, but it is strongly recommended to make a donation to the development to keep this great software with a great future.

List of changes since version 6.10

V6.22 (16.01.2021)

  • reduced flickering of the main preview
  • some internal optimizations
  • switched to Java 15 for the Steam version
  • display java version in the “System Information” dialog

V6.20 (10.01.2021)

  • improved the responsibility of the app (which also reduces “micro-freezes”). This will also slightly
    reduce “peak-rendering-performance”, but this should not matter much
  • new snowflake_wf-variation (which utilizes the same algorithm (with the same params) as my online-snowflake-generator: http://overwhale.com/snowflake ,
    which is an implementation of the excellent paper “A local cellular model for snow crystal growth” by Clifford A. Reiter).
    Using this variation (similar to “dla_wf”) you can create a bunch of interesting “organic” looking fractals,
    you may have a look at my gallery for inspiration: https://blog.overwhale.com/?page_id=5517
  • new SNOWFLAKE-dof-blur-shape (see the “Bokeh”-sub-tab at the “DOF/Bokeh”-Gtab)
  • minor optimizations of the user-interface for smaller resolutions at the “affine”-tab
  • new petal3D_apo variation by Rick Sidwell and Larry Berlin
  • fixed a bug regarding initialization of Leap Motion Controller
  • macOS: fixed problems regarding native file-dialogs under macOS Mojave and below (which caused
    the app to crash when trying to save an image, for example. This is fixed now.).
    It was not possible to resolve the problem completely, though. Due to a bug in Java
    you can currently only access folders in the sandbox (~/Library/Containers/com.overwhale.JWildfire/Data)
    on Mojave and below. So it is recommended to update to Catalina or Big Sur if possible.
    But, besides that, all file-operations should work as expected now.

How to install and run:

  • Windows/Linux: Just download the j-wildfire-x.xx.zip-file from the link above and extract the contents of the j-wildfire-x.xx.zip to any local folder on your hard disc. This all what must be done to install the software! 🙂
    • On Windows start the JWildfire.exe
    • On Linux, either launch the j-wildfire-launcher.jar directly or use the start_linux.sh-script
    • Do NOT start the j-wildfire.jar directly (will work, but important settings will be missing, so that it will not work good!)
    • If you have problems or questions please read the supplied README-files (README!!!.txt, README_LAUNCH.txt and README_SUPPORT.txt)
  • On Mac OS X: Just download the j-wildfire-x.xx.dmg-file from the link above and double-click it. Drag the JWildfire-symbol into the Apps-folder, then launch the app using the app-launcher.

System Requirements:

  • JWildfire runs on all operating systems with a Java 7 runtime, such as Windows , MacOS or Linux.
  • The newest Java (currently Java 8) is always recommended, it usually lets the software execute faster
  • If you have a 64Bit operating system (as Windows7 64Bit) you should always use the 64Bit Java runtime.
    It will both be faster and let you use a significant larger amount of memory. You will NOT be able to render images in print resolution on 32Bit-systems or 64Bit-systems with a 32Bit-Java
  • If you have several Java runtimes on your systems the launcher tries to choose the most appropriate. You always can override this by choosing manually another runtime.

Support the author:
The software is completely free and has not any locked features or ads or other nagging things. You are welcome to use it for any purpose you want. Anyway, any support is very appreciated 🙂

Link to downloads page and please donate where you can

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