Importing Images Into JWildfire

This tutorial shows you how to import a .png or .jpg image into Jwildfire. For a more in-depth discussion of the process, please see Andrreas Maschke’s excellent tutorial, “Jwildfire tutorial on: image mapping on fractal flames – using the (post_)colormap_wf variation”, available at


Click New from scratch to get a blank flame.



In the Transformations tab window, click Add.


For Var 1 select Square.


A small square appears in the main view window.


Go to Camera, and in pixs per unit type in about 350 to make the square bigger.


For Var 2 select Post color map wf. The color in the square changes to a gradient.


Click on the gear icon to right of image_filename, below Var 2.


Select an image from the screen that comes up.


The image will appear on the square in the main view window.


Play! You can click Add or Add final to apply a transformation, or try any of the buttons just below the main view. (The change above was made by clicking Add final, selecting Julian, and setting the Julian power parameter to 4.) You can also apply scripts.

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Importing Images Into JWildfire

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