Image Processing with JWildfire

Time Needed : 30 minutes

Often overlooked, the image processing facilities of JWildfire can give your fractals an amazing new look! As well as being able to apply image filters and processing. JWildfire also can create images like clouds or benoit features. It's all very simple to use and you can stack multiple effects to the same image, or apply them only to your original.

  1. Open the image you want to manipulate

    First step is to open the image into JWildfire so that we can operate on it.

    Image Processing Tutorial 1 Open Image

  2. Locate the image you want to load

    Navigate on your computer and find the image you want to apply the transformations to, then click Open.

    Image Processing Tutorial 2 Locate Image

  3. Image has now loaded into JWildfire

    You'll see a window pop up with your image after you have opened it.

    Image Processing Tutorial 3 image loaded

  4. Selecting Image Processing Window.

    Click the Windows menu of JWildfire, and choose the “Image processing” option.

    Image Processing Tutorial 4 Select Image Processing

  5. Choose the type of transform

    A box will pop up (the image transform window) and you'll be given a list of transforms to choose. Select one, making sure your image name is in the input box (see picture) and click the transform button. I've chosen antique here.

    Image Processing Tutorial 4 Select Image Processing

  6. The result

    After you've clicked transform, JWildfire will then apply the transform you've chosen to your original image and create a new image with the transformation applied.

    Image Processing Tutorial 6 Image Transformed

  7. Choosing between transformed or original.

    You can now apply other transformations to your original image (the one you loaded) , or you can apply transformations to the one with the already applied transformation (see image).

    Image Processing Tutorial 7 Choose transformed or original

  8. Creating New images

    After you've played with the image transformations, there's an option also to create new images that you can set the parameters for. To access this click “Create image” in the transformations window. In the image below you'll see…

    1) The create image tab.
    2) The type of image to create
    3) The values you can alter for the type of image you're creating.
    4) The output size of the image to be created.
    5) The create button which generates your image.

    Image Processing Tutorial 8 Ccreate image options

  9. Altering the values when creating an image.

    To alter the values (parameters) for the image creation, double click on a value and you'll either have to enter a new value, or choose from a set of options. Once you're done setting the values, click create and JWildfire will create a new image for you. This can be used anywhere, but of course there are variations in JWildfire that use image files, so you could try those. Have fun !!

    Image Processing Tutorial 9 Change Parameters

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