How to recreate my eJulia Push Image

By Missy Gainer

Missy Gainer eJulia Push Image

Creating the image

  1. Setting up the screen and colour.

    Set size of image to 3840 x 2160 (4K)
    Gradient of a light and medium color. I recommend a 2 color gradient.
    I set my brightness to around 30, gamma to about 3.8.
    Contrast to about 0.1. If left at 1 you will have bright patch in middle.
    Camera pitch to about 45.
    Pixs per unit to about 100.

  2. Transform 1

    (Variation) eJulia, variation amount 1.
    (Parameters) Power of 6 to 10.
    (Affine tab) Change Pre TF (which is Post TF NOT selected) to 0.5 for both X1 and Y2. Leave Post TF at default.
    (Xaos tab) Leave at default.
    (Weight) 0.5.
    Duplicate transform

  3. Transform 2

    (Variation) eJulia, variation amount 1.
    (Parameters) Power of -2.
    (Affine tab) Keep Pre TF X1 and Y2 at 0.5. Set O1 to -0.5 which moves the triangle left. Leave Post TF at default.
    (Xaos tab) With trans2 selected, change 2to1 to 0, change 2to2 to 0 and 2from2 to 0.
    (Color tab) Draw mode to Hidden.
    (Weight) 8-12.

  4. Transform 3

    (Variation) ePush, variation amount 1.
    (Parameters) Push to around 0.25. Dist to around 1. Rotate from 0 to around 0.3. Play with these parameters to fine tune.
    (Affine tab) set Pre TF X1 and Y2 to 2. Leave Post TF at default.
    (Xaos tab) With trans3 selected change 3to3 to 0 and 3from3 to 0. Change 3from1 to 0.
    (Weight) 0.5.

  5. Color tab

    For the two eJulias, just play with color and speed until you get desired result. For ePush I set the color to 0 and speed to 1. Now is a good time to fine tune the ePush parameters.

  6. Final Transform

    You can use many different finals (or none) to get the look you want. I used flipy and post_curl3d.

I hope this was clear. I believe I originally took this tutorial for the starting parameters which have been hanging around in my flame folder for years.

If you have anything to add to this tutorial, feel free to comment. I think I have these mini tutorials down to an easy format. Please let me know if you find this easy to follow.
Have fun!

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