how to seamlessly move fractals with the layers mode

Choose the layer you want to work with. 

Once selected, in the transform tab, add a “final transform” and keep “linear3d” as the principal variation. That one does not modify the overall fractal.

And the beauty is here, activate the triangle mode, go the affine tab and move, transform in every way you want that selected fractal !

Don’t forget this :

-The layers mode work from top to bottom, the first fractal is the main fractal.

-Don’t hesitate to change the layers order as a test of the first two fractals you wish want to work with. You have to do it manually as there is no way to change the order in the layers mode.

-To obtain a better integration of colors, simply copy/paste the gradients.

And that’s all ! If you have other tips and tricks about layers, don’t hesitate to add them somewhere in the sanctuary.

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