Understanding Colormap

Today we are going to be talking about the color map and post color map variation in Jwildfire. A little history of jwildfire, it started out as wildfire on the Amiga computer, during that time it was only a image editing program so when Andreas found out about flame fractals he brought some of the image capabilities already built into wildfire into Jwildfire. So a lot of the image manipulation aspects of wildfire are still in Jwildfire, one of them is the color mapping which is not in other flame fractal programs. So to begin with, and you know I normally start off with you know setting something as a post on our color grid here but in this case our color grid is actually using a color map so if you look at the crop variation we have the color map here already and so every single variation that we go over has you know the color map in it it if you look here this is also the base image that comes up.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding Colormap for JWildfire

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