How to change Macro Buttons

Macro Buttons

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Beneath the main viewing area of JWildfire you’ll see a series of buttons that, when clicked, perform various operations. They will either modify your existing flame, or create a new one. What are they? And how do we change them? They are links to scripts, which are collections of code that either modify or make flames. There are a lot you can download here on this website, and there are a lot built in to JWildfire.

  1. Click Scripts and custom buttons

    Top right of JWildfire, look for the scripts and custom buttons tab, and click it. It will have to read all files you may have put here, so it may not display immediately. Give it a couple of seconds.

    click scripts and custom buttons

  2. Click the Macro Buttons Tab

    Click the tab that says Macro Buttons

    click macro buttons

  3. Organise your buttons

    When you’ve clicked on the Macro buttons tab, you’ll see beneath a list of all the buttons you have on your JWildfire. You can organise these by moving them up or down the list. You can also double click on an entry and change the text of the button, or its description when the mouse is hovered over it. You can of course, highlight one and hit delete if you don’t want it.

    Organise Buttons

  4. Adding your own Macro Buttons.

    You’ll no doubt want to add your own Macro buttons. It’s basically a button which runs a script, so you’ll need to go back up the screen to see the list of scripts you have. You can add a button for a built in script, or for one that you’ve installed yourself. Adding a button is as simple as locating it in the scripts area, and then clicking the Btn button. As mentioned before, you can double click the caption and hint areas and change the text to alter what is shown on your screen. Have fun adding your buttons!

    add your own button

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